Our Approach to Patent and Trademark Law Services

Patent GC is unlike any other IP law firm you’ve ever encountered. We’re a “partner only” team of former senior in-house IP counsel who bill at associate rates.

Our clients tell us that before they started working with us, they were continually frustrated with the absence of business guidance from their patent firms, not to mention the incredibly high fees and lack of billing transparency. Patent GC was created to address these concerns. Patent GC requires that each of its lawyers has significant in-house experience, because we believe that lawyers who have served as in-house counsel are uniquely capable of providing business-oriented legal advice in a way traditional law firm lawyers simply cannot. This is especially true for IP work, where the need to bridge the gap between innovation and business objectives is so critical.

Of course, Patent GC’s fees are dramatically lower than traditional firms. We are able to keep our fees exceptionally low because we leverage technology, we outsource our docketing system, and we do not have armies of associates, paralegals, technology specialists and support staff. We’ve learned from years of supervising outside counsel that simplicity in staffing and transparency in billing are critical elements of a successful law firm-client relationship. When we built our firm we made a commitment to offer straightforward, fair and clear billing practices, something our clients truly appreciate. We are also happy to set up fixed fee arrangements for new applications, office actions and other projects.

Our Relationship with Outside GC

Two of Patent GC’s founders, Bill Stone and Jon Levitt, are principals of Outside GC LLC (www.outsidegc.com) the pioneer and national leader in on-demand in-house counsel services. For years, Outside GC's clients had been asking for a solution like Outside GC for their patent work. So, in 2009, Bill and Jon joined forces with Peter Gordon to launch Patent GC, leveraging Outside GC’s business-focused approach, low fees, staffing model and transparency.

Outside GC now has over 40 attorneys in New England, greater New York, the Washington D.C. area and Colorado and works with hundreds of the most dynamic companies in the US and beyond. Outside GC’s service offerings include negotiating and drafting customer, vendor and distribution agreements; debt and equity financing transactions; employee and immigration matters; dispute resolution short of litigation; and merger and acquisitions. To learn more about Outside GC, please visit www.outsidegc.com, send an email to info@outsidegc.com or call the office at 617-737-5000.