More than just another patent firm, Patent GC provides a range of intellectual property legal services to our clients in a way that only in-house lawyers can deliver.   From patentability analyses, to prosecuting a company’s first patent, to managing the legal work associated with a mature, global intellectual property portfolio, we act as the primary legal resource for IP support to a growing list of technology firms, all while improving efficiency and transparency and keeping costs under control.

We are uniquely qualified to provide true business counseling to our clients because all of our team members are seasoned business executives. After beginning their careers at prestigious law firms, our team members each left private practice to become the chief in-house IP counsel at one or more top technology companies. The experience gained from being in-house counsel transformed them from law firm lawyers into business partners. Rather than simply drafting patent and trademark applications for our clients, our team members actually help our clients decide how best to utilize their company’s resources and monetize their intellectual property assets. 

And because we are a partner-only firm, our clients avoid the frustration and extra cost of working with (and having to train) a revolving door of junior lawyers and para-professional.

Patent Prosecution: Patent GC can handle all of your patent prosecution work, including full docketing support.  

Strategic Patent Portfolio Building: Instead of just taking invention disclosures and converting them into patent applications, Patent GC can develop short term and long term plans for building a patent portfolio that is designed to support the company’s business strategy and objectives.

Outsourced Patent Counsel:   In our capacity as on-demand “in-house” IP counsel, our clients rely on us to become contributing members of (or even create and run) their patent committees, manage litigation, perform freedom to operate studies and patentability analyses.

Trademark Prosecution and Counseling: Patent GC offers a full suite of trademark law services.

Transaction Due Diligence: Companies and investors utilize Patent GC as a cost-effective solution for IP due diligence in advance of M&A and venture financing transactions.

Monetization of Intellectual Property: Patent GC can help you develop practical plans to monetize your intellectual property. Drawing from in-house experiences and successful programs, Patent GC will work with you to identify real business opportunities which use intellectual property to help build your business.

Open Source: Open source licensing issues are addressed by all technology companies. We can assist our clients in developing effective, workable policies and procedures for helping you manage the many issues created by the ready availability of software under open source licenses.