Naomi Biswas

Naomi Biswas is a biotechnology intellectual property attorney with 25 years of patent and trademark portfolio management experience in both in-house and private practice roles. Since joining Patent GC in 2010, Naomi regularly provides strategic, business-focused counseling in all areas of her practice, including infringement analysis, portfolio development, licensing negotiation… Read More

Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis is an intellectual property attorney with extensive experience in patent litigation and licensing issues. Jessica’s practice has most recently focused on counseling in-house legal and business teams on a wide variety of intellectual property and technology matters, including risk assessment and dispute resolution, litigation management and subpoena responses,… Read More

Paula Campbell Evans

Paula Evans is seasoned IP attorney with more than 30 years of experience handling a wide range of patent and other intellectual property matters, including patent portfolio development and management, infringement and validity analysis, and intellectual property strategy. Paula is a registered patent attorney and works mostly with university and… Read More

Alexander Franco

Alexander Franco has over 20 years of experience developing and managing patent portfolios in the high-tech industry. As a patent attorney with a MBA, he brings a business and finance-oriented perspective to the protection of his clients’ intellectual property. His clients at Patent GC include Inpher Inc. and… Read More

Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon is co-founder of Patent GC. For over 30 years, Peter has worked in the patent field, first as a full-time patent agent while attending law school, and then, as an intellectual property attorney in both private practice and in-house. In addition to managing the Patent GC team and… Read More